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  This is our department which deals with the local communities sustainable development projects in education, health, water and environment conservation within the local surrounding Villages for all of Osupuko Lodges and Camps properties. For any assistance/donations or questions/information please contact henry@osupukolodges.com at any time!

The communities in general have enough unfinished primary schools with dusty floors, no windows or doors, no books, teachers’ houses and many more. Sports facilities and equipments are not available which affects a lot the welfare of the children and their learning curve. There is only one secondary school (day school) in the entire ward and it serves more than four Villages. Construction for one complete secondary school at Kakoi Village is inevitable to avoid children walking very long distances for the whole day in such dangerous wild areas.

Project in Progress: World Expeditions (WE) a traveling agent based in Brisbane – Australia have donated about USD 9,140.- to renovate Kakoi Primary School. The school now has a new face after having new floors, windows, doors, verandah and paint. A new toilet block is also built for girls and boys from the same funds. The whole arrangement was organized by Osupuko Lodges and Camps, Cordial Tours and World Expedition. Through the agent also, the school is keeping on benefiting from the many guests who visits the school and donate many items for studies. We are also receiving a lot of posted items for the school through various guests who have managed to visit the school as part of their vacation.
WE is organizing another USD 3,600.- through volunteers to fund the water pipeline from the lodge to the school to be done in November 2013.
The community school is still missing one complete classroom (USD 6,000.-), 100 desks (@ USD 120.-), books (USD 2,000.-) and teaching aids (USD 1,000.-), Staff room furnitures (10sets @ USD 220.-). Once they get these missing facilities the school will be in good shape for better education through improved standards.

There is a community health centre constructed by Tarangire National Park (TNP) but it needs more facilities like running water, hostels and electricity. This makes the use of the centre very in-effective while increasing the cost of living to the community members as they still have to travel more than 70 kms to get proper basic health services. This center is serving more than 4 Villages from the Nkaiti Ward!

Project in Progress: World Expeditions a traveling agent based in Brisbane – Australia have organized a group of volunteers who raised about USD 3,600.- to fund the water line project from Tarangire Osupuko Lodge to Nkaiti Ward health Centre which is about 6Kms line. The lodge together with the community agreed that the community members will dig the trench and the lodge will offer water from their borehole while the pipeline will be funded by WE. The plans started way back and the project was completed on 6th December 2012 when the center’s taps started pouring clean and safe water after so many years!
The center is still missing the most important equipments such as Solar freezer (USD 3,000.-) for storing vaccines of which now they are forced to ride a bicycle almost 10Kms to and fro everyday to store them. Solar light Kit (USD 5,000) is crucial as well due to the fact that they have a lot of night emergencies including delivery. They are also missing non-electrical telescope, beds and linens and many more other hospital items.

There is serious shortage of safe-clean water for normal domestic use including drinking and animals considering the Maasai tribe values a lot their livestock. There are several small seasonal ponds which are filled with water during rain seasons. From the same ponds; people, livestock and wild animals get their share of water needs for a limited period of time. The health centre is already connected with water through World Expedition travel agent from Australia who organized a group of volunteers.

Properly constructed big dams are available and most of them located at far distances from human beings settlements and mainly used for livestock and sometimes human beings during dry seasons. Tarangire Osupuko Lodge has already drawings for the construction of 100,000 litres water tank for the surrounding villages. The construction of the tank will cost about USD 15,000.- and we are looking for donors to finance the project as the tank will be filled from the lodge’s borehole.

Osupuko Lodges and Camps have very strong policies on environment conservation matters. Osupuko Lodges and Camps engages herself in conserving environment through; educational campaigns and awareness to the local communities as well as to the individuals, planting of indigenous trees and plants, firewood through trees-pruning techniques and physical patrol of the Village Concession to stop cutting trees for building and charcoal business.

Tarangire Osupuko Lodge is built in the middle of a huge reserved concession for Kakoi Village. The lodge is responsible for protecting the concession as well as re-plant of indigenous trees of which for the past two years 2,000 trees have been planted including re-introducing endangered species such as Black Ebony and Baobab. The lodge also runs a Trees Nursing Center in her garden preparing indigenous tree seedlings and distribute to the Village members around Tarangire area in the efforts to make Tarangire a better place for the coming generations. Cattle being a major source of income for the local Maasai community are forced to cut trees for firewood and charcoal for selling during drought seasons which are common.

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